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Bitchy Biblethumpers

I've been living in a house with two girls that I met on craigslist for a couple of months. They're christian girls; go to church every Sunday and everything. I'm not that kind of person. I'm laid back about most stuff and I usually keep my views to my myself because of the area I live in. Things had been getting more and more awkward and I felt like I was stepping on eggshells everytime I was at the house.

This weekend I had a guy friend over to watch a movie. I had done everything right- called ahead and asked permission, we left the house at about 9 to go pick up my car, he was very polite.

Monday night, I come home to find my older roomate, who owns the house, sitting on the couch waiting for me. She begins to tell me that I'm a great girl, but we don't have the same values and starts listing off all the things I had done.

Here's the list-

1. I smoke outside of the house (when I moved in she told me it was fine)
2. She doesn't apprieciate porn in the house (me and my friend watched "Zach and Miri Make a Porno"- funny movie for anyone who likes Superbad type movies)
3. I have a tattoo; in her opinion people who have tattoos are slutty, drug users.
4. I had a boy at the house, this makes the home unsafe. ( she had given me permission for my friend to come over- he's a nice guy not a crazy crackhead)
5. BIG ONE- I'm agnostic not Christian.

Needless to say, I was shocked at this. Fortunately a friend from school needed a roomate. We're in the same art program and have the same philosophy of life and get along very well. We know each other from woodfirings and such, so it's going to work out just fine. The rents cheaper and the rooms are bigger and the atmospheres better.

It's amazing how people who say they're part of a tolerent religion can be so closeminded and crazy.

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Writer's Block: What Makes You Feel Sexy?

What makes you feel sexy?

I feel really sexy when I'm wearing a pencil skirt, high heels, a sexy set of underwear; complete with a garter belt and hose. I like dressing up like a Vargas Girl!!


Oh Joe!

::turns to goo::

Ficlet: Solution

Title: Solution
Author: sydneyalicen
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Genre: Character Study
Character: John
Rating: PG (language)
Words: 464
Disclaimer: Don't own, just play with!
Summary: John's tired of feeling like he's losing.

BIG BIG thanks to kisahawklin for holding my hand the entire time I tried to find my voice. This is my first fic worth publishing, and though it maybe short, I'm proud of it!

SolutionCollapse )


Skin Hunger

Is it really really wrong to have a super crush on a man that you know you can never have?

I mean, I really just want to grab him by the front of his shirt and just kiss him. Whether or not he would kiss me back is the real question...

I am so skin hungry right now I could just die.

Did I mention he's old enough to be my father?

::hides face behind hands::

::awaits judgement::


my paid journal ran out.

nuf said

I need love?

So, my boyfriend of three years and I just broke up Tuesday. I'm feeling really depressed, completely lost, and just all and all, down in the dumps.

I want to go so many directions on my life, but now, I actually can do them without worrying about how I can fit him in.

I loved him, but we were growing into different people, so we went ahead and just did what needed to be done so we wouldn't hate each other in the end.

This hurts and sucks.



I watched Juno again.

I'm adopted, so to watch that movie makes me wonder about who my birth mother is. So, i started looking. I think i found her on the alumni page, so i sent that person a brief message, giving my name. I'm waiting for a response.

My boyfriend's adopted, but he doesn't see any point to finding the person who gave birth to you. Yes, I know that they're not my mom, but, it would nice to just see... you know? Tell her what I'm like, what i do...

I hope I'm strong enough for this.

kisahawklin compelled me to...

The first five people who respond to this post will receive a gift from me!

(This love is inspired by kisahawklin )


It will be done within the next year
It will probably be a ceramic piece (my major)
i do reserve the right to make something outlandish

brings it ons peoples!

Kickboxing my ass...

i started my kickboxing class yesterday, and besides being completely sedentry for the last, oh, year, I kept up pretty well.

All i can think of is getting into "teyla" shape and dropping 30 lbs. I saw this picture of myself and was devastated at the shape i was in-

Picture from the woodfireCollapse )

I know i'm not that big.


I really do want to look good in clothes and yet, I don't want to look like a skinny food deprived twig either.

So... Send some good vibes this way?